Fragrance Empire & Co.

Crafting Fragrant Therapeutic Experiences Since 2021

 Fragrance Empire & Co. is a lifestyle brand that offers elevated aromatherapy products with crystals, designed to provide you with unique fragrant experiences while rejuvenating your body and mind. From aromatherapy Candles infused with Crystals to Luxury Mulberry Silk Sleep Masks with crystals and more, we provide a range of products that make great gifts.

Through our products, we aim to deliver fragrant aesthetics that enhance the ambience of your spaces, improve your sleep and invite a sense of serenity with each use.

Sit Back, Relax & Unwind

Let our fragrant essentials engulf you with their unique scents as they spark a sense of mindfulness and tranquillity as you unwind after a long day, meditate or prepare for a night of peaceful sleep. Our aromatherapy products were specifically formulated to convey abstract concepts and mood-lifting elements that promote relaxation.


Quality Ingredients Sourced From Nature

Each fragrant blend is made from the finest nature-derived ingredients ethically sourced from our trusted suppliers to maintain the high standards of quality we are renowned for. Our candles are paraffin-free and are made with 100% natural soy wax. We only use pure cotton wicks when making our candles which offer a nice and clean burn without candle soot. We ensure that all our products are completely safe for you to use.
100% Natural Ingredients
We utilize only natural ingredients sourced directly from nature so you can look forward to quality products free from harmful chemicals, preservatives and toxins.
Purely Vegan
Our products are purely vegan and free from any form of animal derivatives or their by-products, making them safe for use, even on the most sensitive skin.
Animal Cruelty-Free
A Fragrance Empire & Co., we do not believe that animals should be subjected to a life of cruelty. We always opt for more humane methods of testing the efficacy of our products and never test them on animals.

Our Ethos

The exclusiveness of our brand extends beyond creating quality products that make you feel good. At Fragrance Empire & Co., we are committed to giving back to our communities and giving our support to those who need it the most.
We are also dedicated to providing you with phenomenal customer service each time you purchase our products. We partner with leading carriers to ensure that you always get your aromatherapy candles, eye masks and other products you purchase from our online store quickly so you can look forward to immersing yourself in their relaxing scents sooner.
Moreover, our friendly and highly responsive customer service team is always ready to respond to all your queries and solve your problems to make your experience with us worthwhile.